Rating: 4 out of 4.

At Summit we pride ourselves on our four-star parent aware rating, the highest rating attainable. It is a rating system for childcare centers that determine the level of best practice. We volunteer for extra training and professional development to go above and beyond basic health and safety licensing requirements. Families use this rating system to find programs that are best fit for their goals in preparing their children for the future. For more information on what that means please see the link below!  

Our program has demonstrated all One-, Two-, and Three-Star practices, AND commits to ongoing quality improvement by using these best practices:

  • Responding to unique cultural customs and needs of children and families
  • Offering activities that encourage family participation
  • Giving families opportunities to provide feedback about their experience at Summit
  • Sharing child development updates with families to setting goals together
  • Making accommodations for children with special needs and their families
  • Have highly-qualified and trained leadership staff, teachers, and providers
  • Encourages healthy living through nutrition and physical activity, always evaluating to set goals for growth

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