Summit School is centrally located on three acres of land in a quiet, residential neighborhood. Our 100+ year-old building has more than 15,000 square feet that the teachers can use to create innovative learning opportunities.

We have 3 acres of outdoor space. Use it. All Year.


Summit School has incorporated The Creative Curriculum into each classroom. It was created based on three decades of researched in child development and best practices.

It sounds so stuffy.

It’s really about play, though. While the curriculum builds on itself, the the infant/toddler component creates structure so that the littlest ones hit major developmental milestones. Each day, the teachers engage each of the senses to teach even the smallest in our care by reading books, singing to them, providing art projects, and many other other hands-on activities.

It’s about creating an atmosphere of exploration and curiosity for preschoolers to grow. The preschool component is divided into Investigations that embed the kindergarten readiness guidelines. Put another way: your preschooler will be learning everything he or she needs to know to thrive in kindergarten but won’t even know it.