Have you ever wondered about the history of that charming building, now known as Summit School?  The story is both fascinating and heart-warming.

     Built in 1914, “on the brow of the hill near Twelfth Avenue East, on the site of the old cemetery.” The initial structure was the Thomas Feigh Hospital for Crippled Chlldren.  Mr.

   Thomas Feigh of Duluth donated $35,000.00 for the erection of the hospital, which had accommodations for twenty patients, according to records from the Catholic Diocese of Duluth Chancery.

     In 1920, the building became the residence of the Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters. Three sisters came from England to do missionary work, and in 1922, with appeals from many prominent Duluth matrons, Corpus Christi/Carmel Heights opened its doors to young women in need of solace and protection. The St. Mary Magdalen Department opened shortly thereafter for young, unmarried women and their babies. That facility was closed in 1970.

   In 1973, it was remodeled and renamed the Montessori School of Duluth, which opened in 1974 and remained there until the Twin Ports Bible Fellowship purchased the building in 1981. Lakeview Christian Academy operated its school on the property, until Summit School was created and opened in 1994.

   Summit School is an independent, non-profit, preschool offering licensed infant, toddler, and preschool childcare. Summit provides the highest quality educational experiences in nurturing environment of high expectations, respect, creativity, and safety.

   There have been many changes since 1914, yet since its inception, this beautiful building located at 1600 North 8th Avenue East, has been devoted to protecting, aiding and educating the children and youth of Duluth.

-written by Trish Chepokas, former Head of School, published in Duluth News Tribune and Herald, 1994)