Take a look at our individual programs all specifically designed with their age group in mind!

Summit Infants

The goal of our infant program is to promote each child’s developmental potential in a safe, nurturing environment. Infants learn through play with the guidance of consistent and engaging caregivers and teachers.

Learn more about the program designed for our littlest learners!


Summit Toddlers

Our toddler program has been designed to help children continue the development of their social/emotional, fine and gross motor, language, and cognitive skills. We emphasize learning through play while simultaneously embracing their growing levels of independence.

Learn about our program for our toddlers here!


Summit Preschoolers

Our preschool program aims to give you complete confidence in your child’s experience; from health and safety; to a ready-for-school curriculum; to the experienced teachers. The Creative Curriculum we use emphasizes life long learning skills to best prepare children for kindergarten and all the big steps ahead.

Learn more about our preschool program!

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