Infants: Where Learning Begins

The goal of the infant program is to promote each child’s developmental potential in a safe, nurturing environment. Infants learn through play with the guidance of consistent and engaging caregivers and teachers. We strive to keep a low infant to teacher ratio to ensure each infant is getting the love and attention they need to foster appropriate social/emotional development.

Each infant brings his/her own sleeping and feeding routine to our room so there is no set classroom schedule. We follow your routine from home. Our teachers aim to partner with parents to meet the needs of the infant throughout the various stages of development. We use an electronic documenting system that allows parents to know when their baby was fed, changed, and napped in real time. Our goal is to have parents feel at ease in knowing how their baby is doing throughout the day.

During their “awake time” we offer a variety of activities to peak interest and learning. They are exposed to every aspect of development:  motor, visual, cognitive, social and emotional. Using the Creative Curriculum ensures our infants are hitting milestones in all domains. At Summit we track and monitor the development of each child throughout the day and hold individual conferences twice a year to discuss long-term goals with parents. Plus, every week, Summit provides Busy Bookworms, an enrichment program to all age groups, creating the foundation of literacy and language development.

Infant 1 & 2 classrooms

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