Toddlers: Exploring the World

This is the time when children use their bodies, senses and emerging problem solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in the ways that are most meaningful and effective for them. Our toddler program has been designed to help children continue the development of their social/emotional, fine and gross motor, language, and cognitive skills. 

The children are introduced to the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes by singing songs and through the use of flash cards, wall charts, and picture books and puzzles. These activities encourage language development. Summit provides both indoor and outdoor activities year round. Outdoor activities include playing with outdoor toys, playing on the toddler playground, water days in the summer, and snow activities in the winter all of which promote the development of large muscle groups. Indoor activities consist of coloring, painting, our large muscle room, puzzles, blocks, and imaginary play items. These activities promote fine motor skills, sensory stimulation and creative arts and crafts.

Classroom schedules reflect our goal of holistic development. Our toddler program practices teacher-led exploration as well as free-play time. Our Creative Curriculum is planned weekly to allow teachers to emphasize each child’s individual needs in regards to their development. Weather permitting, our toddler program spends a portion of their day playing outside on a playground that is all their own. Every week, Summit provides Busy Bookworms, an enrichment program to all age groups, creating the foundation of literacy and language development. 

The child’s developmental progress is recorded and conveyed to the parent(s). Conferences are scheduled with parents twice a year. During these conferences, the child’s overall well-being and intellectual, physical and emotional development is discussed. 

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